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About Us


Gym Ratz Athletics is more than apparel; it’s a lifestyle. Our mission is to change lives by motivating and educating people to better themselves through health and fitness.  Our company also offers personalized/group training and dietary consultation services.

Daily exercise and eating healthy meals is the most natural and ideal way to sculpt and maintain the body that you want. Here at GymRatz Athletics, we will work hard to help you reach your fitness goals.

Remember this: Your health influences your livelihood. Wealth, happiness, intellect, sex, and longevity are important factors to a healthy lifestyle. Every aspect of how you live and feel depends on the way you exercise and what you consume. Make a conscious change to become a healthier “you.”

Join #TeamGymRatzAthletics and transform your life!


Gym Ratz Athletics is a brand for people who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are an athlete, gym enthusiast, or everyday person committed to a new, healthy start, Gym Ratz Athletics is for you! Our apparel line specializes in trendy, comfortable and colorful workout gear for all!